About Mary


Hi! I'm Mary

I’m a Registered Dietitian/Health Coach with a passion for health and fitness and a strong desire to help others build a healthy relationship with food.

I had a successful professional career in the federal government but struggled with my weight since childhood, alternating with bouts of restrictive eating and bingeing. After overcoming my own food issues, I returned to school to build scientific expertise to help others.  My purpose is to help support you on your journey and know you don’t have to do it alone.

In my career, I have worked with thousands of people in private practice, medical offices, corporate wellness programs, and health clubs. Whether you are starting your journey to change, or have been struggling for years, I tailor my coaching so that you can go from feeling stuck and lost to empowered to knowing what steps to take to change your life.  

Besides working with my clients, my happy place is running outside in the early morning and seeing the sun come up, practicing Olympic weightlifting or searching for new products at the grocery store that I can tell my clients about.


It's Not About the Food

This book is not about what to eat or the most magical diet. It’s about examining what food means to you; identifying how your mindset, thoughts, and emotions impact your choices; and learning how to transform your relationship with food, step by step. So if you’re ready to create a relationship with food that enhances your life, this book provides strategies that will help you get started and support you along the way.



"I've struggled my whole life with trying to manage my weight and would often binge on sweets at night, only to promise myself that I would never eat these foods again.  Mary helped me create a more balanced plan that gave me the freedom to enjoy eating these "forbidden" foods again and still meet my nutrition and weight goals."


"Working with Mary changed my mindset from deprivation and restriction to seeing food as a positive way to fuel my body.  Food is now one part of my life but not the sole focus."

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