What’s Keeping You From Reaching Your Full Potential?


Do you ever find yourself saying any of the following?

“I feel like I’m doing everything right, but I’m not still not getting the results I want.”

“I know what to do, but I’m not doing it.  I just can’t get motivated.”

“It seems like there’s some new study about nutrition every day. I don’t know what to believe, or what to do.”

“No matter what I do, I can’t keep off the weight I lost.”



Don’t worry if the advice from friends, co-workers, family, magazines, infomercials, or the Web have just left you feeling lost and confused. I provide sound nutritional information – tailored for your body and your goals – that actually works.

But, reaching your goals means more than just having the proper nutritional knowledge. It requires figuring out how that applies to your life, and what motivates you to change. That’s why I take a comprehensive look at your situation – one that accounts for your goals, health history, food preferences, habits, and lifestyle – and create an actionable plan you can easily implement and maintain.


Why I'm Different

Working with a nutritionist shouldn’t feel like going to a confessional.  

I provide a supportive, “judgment-free” zone. The goal of our sessions is to see where you’re at in regards to your objectives, chart the optimal path to achieve them, and make adjustments as needed along the way. Think of it as a supportive, wellness partnership.  

And, while I’m serious about our work, I’m dedicated to making your experience fun and interesting. Why? Because chances are if you enjoy the process, you’ll be more apt to stick to the plan – and that translates to greater success at a faster pace.


Take the Next Step

If you are...


Honest about what works for you


Committed to improving your wellness and ready to have some fun while doing it

Ready to change

Serious about achieving your goals


Then let's get started today.


It's Not About the Food

This book is not about what to eat or the most magical diet. It’s about examining what food means to you; identifying how your mindset, thoughts, and emotions impact your choices; and learning how to transform your relationship with food, step by step. So if you’re ready to create a relationship with food that enhances your life, this book provides strategies that will help you get started and support you along the way.


Hi! I'm Mary

I’m a Registered Dietitian/Health Coach with a passion for health and fitness and a strong desire to help others build a healthy relationship with food.

I had a successful professional career in the federal government but struggled with my weight since childhood, alternating with bouts of restrictive eating and bingeing. After overcoming my own food issues, I returned to school to build scientific expertise to help others.  My purpose is to help support you on your journey and know you don’t have to do it alone.

In my career, I have worked with thousands of people in private practice, medical offices, corporate wellness programs, and health clubs. Whether you are starting your journey to change, or have been struggling for years, I tailor my coaching so that you can go from feeling stuck and lost to empowered to knowing what steps to take to change your life.  


"Investing in yourself is like refilling your energetic cup" -Katey Lewis

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